All Things Tea

IMG_3360This small tea room in Camarillo is the first spot I visited for this blog! Located close to CI, this place has been in business since 2009. My roommates and I arrived around noon yesterday and were immediately greeted by Vanessa, our waitress. We got to smell some of the teas they brewed here and we ultimately chose white peach tea as our first pot. We also had cranberry orange scones to go with it! This place was so cute and quaint and felt like a great place to just relax, chat, and enjoy afternoon tea.

The owner of the tea room, Donna, greeted us as well and gave us some info on the place. She had been an online business for fifteen years and decided to open up a tea room four years ago. She said that she receives a lot of business… but a lot of the business is from out of the country. Upon referencing the Camarillo crowd, she joked that at least Scotland knows they are here! She has set up a map on the wall that reveals the locations of where their tea comes from. I was surprised that so much came from fields and farms from so far away, and I loved the idea that people from out of the country travel to All Things Tea.

Even though their teas come from great distances, Vanessa informed us that all the sandwiches, scones, and pastries are prepared fresh in house. This inevitably prompted us to order some finger sandwiches: a tuna sandwich and a salmon and cream cheese sandwich. Both were delicious. From the extensive variety of teas, we obviously needed to order another pot. Vanessa told us she recommended the pomegranate green tea, so we had that pot next. I love tea. This only reinforced the love for it!

You can tell that All Things Tea puts a lot of thought and effort into each tea they serve. All the loose leaf teas (black, oolong, white, green, rooibos, and more) can also be purchased there, by weight. This place is definitely a cute Camarillo treasure (and they offer a Dolphin Discount, CI people!) I will definitely be back. Visit at

I was inspired by tea time and how it reminds me of Edwardian England. Click here for the short story inspired by tea, small talk, and company.


2 thoughts on “All Things Tea

  1. Lauren, this is so lovely! Your site looks great! I didn’t even know there was a tea house in Camarillo. I’m doing a blog as part of my capstone too! It’s a food blog. My first post went up yesterday If you want to check it out. 🙂

  2. Loved your writings!! and I feel like I really know about All Things Tea! 🙂 That would be my kind of place! Lauren, you have a gift of writing, sharing and experiencing places! Keep it up!!

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