Ventura Harbor

IMG_3596-001Logan and I set out on an adventure last night to the Ventura Harbor, another cool local area close to CSUCI. We knew the harbor well, as we have embarked from there twice to Santa Cruz Island. But neither of us knew that further down there are many shops and restaurants! We started looking at all the private boats docked in the harbor and noticed how the sunset highlighted the harbor beautiful (we timed it pretty well!) Then we began on our way down the marina and encountered lots of cute boutiques, swim wear shops and restaurants.


I loved seeing how many types of people enjoyed this place. So many old couples walked, arms linked, along the harbor (so cute). And tons of children running around in the late afternoon sun before it set (also cute). Lots of families were dining at these really nice restaurants. There’s everything from Greek cuisine to a rooftop Mexican grill. We ran around like wide-eyed tourists, taking pictures of the setting sun and the people around the marina. Since we knew the sun set at 5:41pm last night (thank you, Google) we headed straight to the beach at the right time.

The weather was comfortably cool and the sunset silhouetted Anacapa and Santa Cruz Island beautifully on the horizon. Lots of people gathered on the sand to watch the sunset and take pictures, so we were in good company. I was having fun switching from my kit lens on my DSLR to my telephoto to capture the details of the sunset as well as the wide angles. I’m so pleased with the results, and I had fun editing them!

While searching for a story idea here, many popped into my head. The marina was such an interesting setting for a wide variety of pieces. I asked Logan if he had any suggestions about what to write because I wanted some outside perspective, one different from my own. We took a class together called Narratives of the Working Class where we read a lot of working class narratives and got a feel for the quality of life that working class people are faced with. So we thought of an idea that would take place on a shipping dock and deal with the narrative of a working class man. So my story is a little different that what I would normally write, but I enjoyed stretching my writing capabilities. You can read it here. There was so much that I could have written about here, so if you need your writer’s block to go away, visit the harbor.

Stay tuned for two more blog locations this week! Hint: one local, one in LA.


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