Camarillo Library

The Camarillo Library

The Camarillo Library

The state-of-the-art Camarillo Library opened in 2007 and it is beautiful.

Its architecture is that of Spanish-style missions (much like my alma mater, CSUCI). The two-story building sits beside farm fields basically on the edge of the city. I visited the place and was wowed by its size, structure, and style. I proceeded to take photos with my phone, so bear with me on the quality.

The interior looks like it could be a hotel, or a museum, or a restaurant… a library was the last thing on my mind. The foyer has marvelous tile accents on the ground and painted wooden beams supporting the ceiling. Dimmed lighting added to the ambiance of the place. There is a bookstore and a café as well. They also have a great digital library that I have yet to take advantage of!

Beneath the double staircase to the upstairs, there are two wooden doors propped open under a sign that reads “Discovery.” This is the children’s section. Made to look like a pirate ship. Undoubtedly, this is the coolest room in the library.

Inside there is a huge sunken pirate ship where the children’s books are. The corner is complete with a huge ceiling where two paintings of Peter Pan and Ariel the mermaid hang. Much of this space was designed by a design company that has done work for Disneyland, and you can see the resemblance in their work. My inner child jumped with excitement.

Upstairs will lead you to nonfiction and reference, with tons of resources to utilize such as computers, printers, scanners, and more. The view from the upstairs windows is so cool, and the entire upstairs feels like you’re in a mansion. There are shutters on the windows, little alcoves with cushions, and a huge fireplace that one man working there told me is very popular when it’s cold outside. They also have a great section of Camarillo and Ventura’s history, which I think is very interesting.

I highly suggest a visit to this beautiful library, especially if you enjoy reading, history and architecture.

My sources include Wikipedia, the library website, and the fact sheet located under “About Us.”

Thanks for reading!

Here is the link to my short story inspired by the children’s section of the library.


3 thoughts on “Camarillo Library

  1. Reading your words and seeing the pictures makes me want to visit that beautiful library. I’ll have to do that someday. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  2. Beautiful! It’s not exactly in your neck of the woods, but you might enjoy a visit to the Cerritos Library, which is located by the Performing Arts Center. The library is titanium-clad!

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