Civil War Reenactment

welcomeI’ve never been to a reenactment before, and it was as delightfully nerdy as I pictured. The Rotary Club of Moorpark puts on a reenactment each year and it is the largest annual Civil War battle reenactment west of the Mississippi. I was ready to see people in full regalia and historical garb and experience life in the 1860s!

The reenactment was on a dirt field which only enhanced the authenticity of the time period. Local food vendors were set up as well as tents of people selling goods, historic clothing, antiques, and more. We arrived just in time for the battle and had front row bleacher seats. The battle reenactment served as a summary of the Civil War battles, not any one battle in particular, and had hundreds of actors riding horseback, firing canons, and ultimately, shooting at each other. There was a marching band, an announcer detailing the play-by-play of the war, and of course there were the Blue and the Gray.

It was hilariously fun to hear the onlookers so excited about the battle. One man behind us kept shouting about Ulysses S. Grant like this whole spectacle was a football game. He was incredibly proud of Grant and the Union. It was so funny to hear him cheer the Union on. As if we didn’t already know who the winning “team” was…

Once the battle ended, there was time to walk around the tents and see what people were selling. Replicas of historic things, full costumes, books and collectibles. We attended on the final day of the reenactment so many things were closing up shop. It would have been fun to be able to explore the grounds more. There’s always next year!

It was a really fun way to spend a #sundayfunday!


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