Paso Robles

I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this SoCal wine country before, so when we decided what to do for a girls weekend, Paso seemed like a good idea. Just up the coast is a city famous for hot springs and wineries with a rich California history. It was a perfect way to spend a 24 hour getaway!

We arrived at our inn late in the evening and got dinner at a delicious barbecue place. The Groupon gods were good to me, so I was able to score us some fun activities to do in the city. While there were definitely many more things to do in Paso, our limited time challenged us to pack as much fun stuff as we could into the time we had there.

Our first stop was an evening swim at Franklin Hot Springs, which totally felt like we were swimming in someone’s backyard. It was ten o’clock at night, pitch black in the middle of fields, and there sat a hot spring the size of a pool with other people with the same idea to go for a night swim. The stars were out and you could see so much without the obstruction of city lights. It was pretty magical to float in the therapeutic water and gaze up at the celestial lights above. Although slimy, the water felt amazing to float in. There were spigots bringing in warm spring water, which was akin to getting a massage if you stood under it. After floating on pool noodles for a while, we stepped out, smelling like sulfur into the freezing cold air. I had never been into a hot spring that wasn’t filtered before, so that was fun to experience.

The next morning we dined at this luxurious and authentic place… okay, it was Denny’s. But the rest of the trip was authentic!

We drove into the downtown area where there is a town square park, lots of cute boutiques, and plenty of eateries. We walked into a couple boutiques, window shopped, then made our way to the candy store where we literally acted like kids in a candy store…

Up next was the delightfully cheesy Pioneer Museum, home to lots of history of the city and surrounding areas. The parking lot features a school house, replica jail cell of the first in Paso, and lots of old farming gear. The inside is a collection of tons of historic artifacts, furniture, appliances, knick-knacks, clothing, cars, tools, and so much more. Tons of docents walked around offering bits of history to guests. Most of the items were local to Paso and some were local to California. This was a great little museum, free admission, and fun to walk around.

Wine tasting was a must. D’Anbino Winery was a great mid-day stop for sampling wine and cheeses. I tasted about eight of their delicious wines paired with different cheeses. I even bought some jelly made from the vineyard’s syrah grapes. Yum!

Short story: two pioneers decide to embark on their journey to the west.

Paso Robles was a great weekend trip. What other places are great for a quick getaway?


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