North Dakota


The Midwest is vast, flat, and open. Not to mention, it also has water, a thing California knows nothing about.

Minneapolis is large and just outside of North Dakota. From there, you can tour the state of North Dakota from Fargo to Bismarck and everywhere in between. I went on this trip with my boyfriend and his family to see his extended family. There are a lot of fun things to do in this state, especially getting outside and exploring!

The Missouri River runs through the state and we were able to take a pontoon ride from Bismarck. Lots of people take their boats out during the hot and humid summer. We pulled up on a sandbar and brought drinks, games, and had a great time! It felt like the North Dakota equivalent to heading to the beach for the day, except less crowded and way shallower waters.

The next day we ventured to the city of Carrington, just outside of New Rockford. These towns are less populous and bustling. It definitely had a small town feel and was encircled by farmland.

One evening we went to the family farm and took a walk on a particularly sticky night. There was no one to see for miles as we walked on the dirt path between acres of land. The bugs were out. It was sweaty. But the skies were beautiful. The sun was just setting at about nine o’clock. I got some amazing photos of that night. We rushed back to the farm as a summer storm approached. Once inside, hail and rain beat down on the farmland illuminated by lightning. The lights flickered and a tornado warning was issued. Weirdly, eerily, it was the most electric (get it?) and exciting night. We ran outside, as bait for bugs, and watched the storm clouds roll over the farm. It felt like the Wizard of Oz and looked so much like a movie! The energy in the air was exciting and unpredictable. It was a fun evening.

The town of New Rockford looked like a movie also. Quaint, small, isolated, and empty. One little gazebo in the center and small shops all around. Their gift shop is the cutest though, lots of trinkets and knick-knacks for collectors.

My photos are mostly beautiful views and landscapes, but I still want to share!

Taking roadtrips and being out in the middle of nowhere made me think of American Gods by Neil Gaiman, so I wrote a piece about folklore and roadside stops. It’s not very developed… maybe it wants to become a full short story one day?

The trip was equal parts active and restful, crowded in the cities and intimate with the family. We had a great time. What’s your favorite city or state in the Midwest?


One thought on “North Dakota

  1. I’m been to South Dakota and have good memories of it, but I’ve not been to North Dakota. Thanks for writing about it!

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