The Blog

The Captured Word began as a university project in 2013 and has become a personal travel blog about exploration, local treasures, unique locations, and what those places inspire. Posts range in topic from attractions and activities, to travel destinations and events. Blog content may include anything from simple articles to interviews to overall impressions. Short works of fiction are then created based upon the place visited. The trip is documented not only by word, but by original photos captured and included in each post.

The Author

Lauren believes that inspiration is everywhere… if you are open to it. Born and raised in Southern California, she enjoys journalism, creative writing, and photography, all of which this blog encompasses. Exploring new places and discovering local gems are some of her favorite pastimes. Her journeys will be documented here through descriptions, fiction writing, and photography. Topics of interest include art, history, nature, local events, travel destinations, and people.

When she’s not writing you’ll find Lauren practicing yoga, running a 5k, reading fantasy novels, drinking wine, and exploring the world around her.