Exploring with Detour: Venice Beach


If you’ve ever wanted to experience a city through an audio tour – all on your own time, right from your phone – you should check out the app called Detour. This adventure was a walking tour of Venice Beach complete with a full history of founder Abbot Kinney, the original Venice of America, and the arts district it is today.

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Seattle has been one of those places that I always wanted to visit.

So when my friend was having her bachelorette party in Seattle for a weekend, of course I had to go! We spent 48 hours in this city (not to mention the 20 hours it took to get home. Thanks, canceled flight…). We got to see some sights, spend some time with the bridal party, and take in all Seattle had to offer for the weekend. Continue reading


Louvre pyramid

It’s been weeks and I’m still thinking about the magic of Paris! The city is highly romanticized but there was still so much to it that made it live up to the expectation. Paris is so easy to get around that most of the time you don’t need to use the metro or a taxi. Walking the streets of Paris is magical mostly because of the history, culture, and ambience. Some of my favorite movies take place in Paris and I loved singing all the songs in my head as I walked.

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This city is full of so much history, yet so completely urban at the same time. I knew I would enjoy it, but I wondered if it would feel too familiar to be an adventure. They speak English, how foreign could it be? Well, little did I know that London was exactly what I was looking for in a trip. Easy to get around the city, easy to communicate with locals, and a comfortable city vibe that was both new and familiar at the same time.

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Civil War Reenactment

welcomeI’ve never been to a reenactment before, and it was as delightfully nerdy as I pictured. The Rotary Club of Moorpark puts on a reenactment each year and it is the largest annual Civil War battle reenactment west of the Mississippi. I was ready to see people in full regalia and historical garb and experience life in the 1860s!

The reenactment was on a dirt field which only enhanced the authenticity of the time period. Local food vendors were set up as well as tents of people selling goods, historic clothing, antiques, and more. We arrived just in time for the battle and had front row bleacher seats. The battle reenactment served as a summary of the Civil War battles, not any one battle in particular, and had hundreds of actors riding horseback, firing canons, and ultimately, shooting at each other. There was a marching band, an announcer detailing the play-by-play of the war, and of course there were the Blue and the Gray. Continue reading

Natural History Museum

20151107_124105The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County opened in 1913 and is the largest museum of natural history on the west coast. It houses subjects such as dinosaurs, mammals, the history of California and much more. I had never been before and it was a great way to spend a Saturday.

Located in Exposition Park, NHMLA sits right next to USC and the California Science Center. There was so much to see in this historic museum starting with its temporary exhibit entitled Mummies: New Secrets from the Tombs.

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