Civil War Reenactment

welcomeI’ve never been to a reenactment before, and it was as delightfully nerdy as I pictured. The Rotary Club of Moorpark puts on a reenactment each year and it is the largest annual Civil War battle reenactment west of the Mississippi. I was ready to see people in full regalia and historical garb and experience life in the 1860s!

The reenactment was on a dirt field which only enhanced the authenticity of the time period. Local food vendors were set up as well as tents of people selling goods, historic clothing, antiques, and more. We arrived just in time for the battle and had front row bleacher seats. The battle reenactment served as a summary of the Civil War battles, not any one battle in particular, and had hundreds of actors riding horseback, firing canons, and ultimately, shooting at each other. There was a marching band, an announcer detailing the play-by-play of the war, and of course there were the Blue and the Gray. Continue reading


Author Garth Stein at Camarillo Reads 2015

I enjoy living in an area that puts on really cool community events. I participated again in Camarillo Reads, a city-wide book club where we read one novel and then see the author speak at the library. Last year’s novel was Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford and I covered it on the blog. I was a little late to the game this year, but I was able to finish the book on time and go to the talk and book signing.

This year’s was book was The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. It is a novel told in the perspective of a dog. While the premise seems light-hearted, the book actually deals with heavy themes such as family, loss, and what it means to be human. The book has a lot of metaphors for life. The main (human) character is a racecar driver. His life is about being able to race in the rain – being able to carry on through hardship. The narrator, Enzo, is his dog whose soul is remarkably human and who cares very much for his owner. Continue reading

Author Jamie Ford at Camarillo Reads

20140330_135939This post is going to be a little different than usual. I decided not to have a creative writing element and instead focus on the event I attended.

Camarillo Reads is a program the local library puts on once a year where the whole city reads one book and meets together to discuss it. It’s like a city-wide book club. This year, the book featured was Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford. And I got to see Jamie Ford speak on his book!

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Pleasant Valley Historical Society & Museum

20140126_140249-001In the heart of Camarillo lies this small museum dedicated to preserving the rich history of the city, Ventura County, and all its surroundings. Inside, you’ll find all sorts of original items dating back to the times of Adolfo Camarillo himself. It’s obvious that this museum is well maintained and cared for by the Historical Society. Each item is displayed well and mentioned in tours and in their informative binders and placards.

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Paradise Falls


Paradise Falls

My dad suggested we take this hike that he found in the LA Times from stair-hiker Charles Fleming. The hike begins in Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks, and is about 3 miles roundtrip. Popular on a weekend, this hike starts at the parking lot and begins to curve down into the valley.

We were lucky it was an overcast day because a hike like this, with a lot of it being in open air, would be harsh if it were sunny. Though once we got down into the canyon, the lush overgrowth shaded our dusty walk.

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‘Into the Woods’ at Hillcrest Center for the Arts

Into the Woods

When I saw that one of my favorite musicals was going to be performed in Thousand Oaks, I just had to go.

Into the Woods, written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, was put on by Young Artists Ensemble and held inside the black box theatre at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts. Hillcrest Center is nestled on the side of a hill that overlooks Thousand Oaks and provides a stunning view. The Conejo Recreation & Park District sits alongside the Center for the Arts.

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Camarillo Library

The Camarillo Library

The Camarillo Library

The state-of-the-art Camarillo Library opened in 2007 and it is beautiful.

Its architecture is that of Spanish-style missions (much like my alma mater, CSUCI). The two-story building sits beside farm fields basically on the edge of the city. I visited the place and was wowed by its size, structure, and style. I proceeded to take photos with my phone, so bear with me on the quality.

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