“Discovery” Inspired by Camarillo Library

As the rain poured down on the deck of the Discovery, Captain Peter tried desperately hard to fight off his foe. Each swing of his sword brought him closer to victory, but his foe was just as quick as he was.

“You’ll never catch me!” The Captain’s foe said as he lunged forward at the Captain, attempting to make his way to the chest of gold.

But the Captain blocked him and said “This is my gold!”

The foe quickly strategized another plan to get past the Captain. But the Captain anticipated each move and prevented them from happening. The foe became discouraged and wondered if he might lose this battle.

“Give up now!” The Captain shouted.


As the swords clinked in the rain, the deck became more and more slippery, creating a challenge for the dueling pirates.

“Argh!” The Captain exclaimed, inching closer to the foe.

The foe retaliated, and just as he was swinging his blade in the Captain’s direction, a noise halted him.


“Peter, it’s time to go home.” Peter’s mom whispered as the boys became quieter.

Jimmy’s mom looked at her, “Your son is protective of his books.”

The moms looked at what Peter was defending from Jimmy, a pile of library books he was about to take home.

“Yeah, he thinks they’re his treasure.” She smiled.

“Gotta love their imagination, huh?” Jimmy’s mom said. “Enough playtime, boys. Let’s go home.”

Peter objected, but eventually put down the ruler that was his sword, as his mom helped him pick up his library books to take home—Peter Pan and Treasure Island—knowing that he’d be back on the deck of his ship soon.


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