“Night Museum” Inspired by LACMA

What happens when
the museum is dark at night
Do the pool balls roll
as the sculptures come alive
Do Matisse and Picasso discuss
language, art, politics
At night
can you get lost in the life size structures
that are meant to be gazed upon
Do the lights eventually go out
Can you wander like a dream
asking each painting to tell you what they mean
It means
whatever you want it to mean
Do the ten feet tall photograph prints of
faces by Kruger
look at you and ask if
your body is a battleground, too
Does the painting of a pipe
by Magritte
emit puffs of smoke
as you question its existence
Is there anyone else there
to ask these questions to
or are the works of art
answering them all for you
Would you talk back
to them
if you could
Would you
Would you
We may never know


2 thoughts on ““Night Museum” Inspired by LACMA

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  2. Lauren, I absolutely loved this writing. I could picture the ‘tour’ through the museum, and when I read “Night Museum” I honestly felt that everything you described actually came ALIVE! I could see unfolding images in my mind that changed my body chemistry as we focused on each piece of art. It was an “E Ticket” experience!

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