“The Water Nymphs” Inspired by Waterfall Hike

The younger sister followed the older sister who followed their father up the rocky path to the waterfall. The younger sister’s eyes widened at the pools of water that had been collected from the recent rainfall. She was tired but so intrigued.

“Who lives here?” The younger one said.

“This is where the nymphs live!” Said the oldest.

“The what?”
“Water nymphs. From the books we got for Christmas! ‘Member?”

“Daddy! Is this where the nmfs live?” The youngest grinned.

Her dad smiled and nodded.

“Nymphs! Say it right.”

The youngest crawled over the rocks, careful not to get her pink tennis shoes wet. Small frogs hopped around as bugs danced around the waters. She saw her reflection in the pools and imagined she had long, mossy hair with flowers in it. She would bathe in the sun during the day and sleep in the coves with the plants at night. The water would be cool as she swam in it and the birds would bring her food and the fish would tickle her toes. She’d have the place all to herself and listen to the waterfall all day and all night.

“I wanna be a water nymph!” She said aloud.

But her dad and sister had begun to head back, suggesting “Maybe tomorrow you can be one.”

But the youngest already knew she was, and this was her spot where she could be one.


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